27 March 2018

good week

i have so many good things happen in my life all the time and it’s such a shame i don’t write it all down; i’d never complain again.

had a good last week.
- we’re all done with winter illnesses
- isobel is doing great in school and learning piano (sort of)
- gus is talking so much
- a really big project i’ve been working on at work got approval. it’s no where near done by now construction can begin and the client is happy.
- i got a new chair at work that’s tall enough for my standing desk, which i still love
- i got $700 back from insurance after my foot surgery
- my foot is doing ok, not amazing, but good i think
- i got a new car... for the first ever i chose a new car for myself. it’s an ‘05 Saab 9-3, 5spd turbo with 115k mi and xenon lights... i went from a ‘96 honda that i was proud to drive but not necessarily “proud of”  to a car with every bell and whistle possible (in 2005).  it’s kind of a dream car to be honest and i got a heck of a deal. here’s hoping i can quickly sell the honda. (sold the honda for $2300. win)

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