15 February 2005

best valentine's day ever

i think it really may have been. at least it's way up there. jess and i went out for an early dinner at Cancun's mexican restaurant. after some enchiladas and a Monster Margarita (i think it was about a liter of margarita) we headed over to the newly renovated Tennessee Theatre for a viewing of Casablanca. andi must say, i was blown away at how beautiful it was (the theatre. it was like stepping back in time. i dont recall seeing many like it here in the states. quite remarkable. then on top of that the whole entertainment side was an experience of it's own. first, an old guy playing a huge organ slowly came up on a rising floor and played music from Casablanca and the Tennessee Waltz for about 10-15 min (apparently this pre-game organ playing has gone on for as long as ...i dont know ...entertainment has existed ...or something) and then once he was done (he was really good too) the raised the curtain for a short 3 Stooges film (one pertaining to WWII). that lasted another 10-15 min. and THEN they played Casablanca. and i'll go ahead and say, i enjoyed the movie about enormaously more than i did the first time (back several years ago). at the time, i was put off by it's slowness and cliche-esque dialogue (and yes, i know it's only cliche because it set the precedent. it was the first. but still...). but this time was a completely different experience. i found more humor in it due to being surrounded by others who were most likely around to see it in theaters the first time around. because sometimes it's hard to recognize old humor (particularly humor this dry). so that was a plus. on top of that i didnt find it nearly as cheesy and was able to see it more for the amazing movie it is. i was able to let myelf be drawn into the environment of 1942 n. africa. so all of this really helped make the movie. not to mention the fact that we were watching with an enormous group of people in a theater that made you feel like you were in fact screening the movie for the first time.

in conclusion, it was a delight to get to spend "date time" with jess. we dont get too much of that nowadays.

thanks jesse.


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