05 February 2005

you dont know what a hill is till you ride a bike up it

so true. my bike tires were low so i finally aired them up with my car air compressor. then i figured while i was out, i might as well take 'er for a test toast. so i rode across campus making detours here and there. then rode up "the hill" (basically the route the "T" takes). man that was tiring. and of course riding back up from the "money wall" over the humanities hill is no cakewalk. anyway, pretty good ride. think i'll do it more often.

played some 4-on-4 frisbee today. pretty laid back. good time.

if you havent heard of the band Tilly and the Wall you should check them out. i dig 'em. they're kind of modern folky. and their percussionist is a tap dancer. or rather, the percussion in their music is tap dancing. it works. trust me.

and if anyone listens to internet radio, i highly recommend 97X (BAM!) the future of rock and roll. it's got lots of "independent" music on it. really great.

time for Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

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