22 January 2007

i cannot stress this enough

Pan's Labyrinth has NOTHING to do with the Labyrinth. (no Hoggle, no cool crystal ball thing that david bowie does, not even a cameo!) and it is most definitely NOT a kid's movie. this movie was... surprising, to say the least. i knew i wanted to see it because from the one preview i saw months and months ago, it looked interesting. interesting like... fairy tale interesting. i was thinking something along th lines of MirrorMask maybe? i was incorrect. this was Saving Private Ryan meets... i dont know, some nightmare fairy tale. i think it was a really good movie, but i was just so caught off guard by the whole thing, i just, i guess i got in the way. i really did think it was a movie themed for older kids/young adults what have you. and i think that was a valid thought seeing as how it was portrayed as a "fairy tale." well, there was a fairly tale there, but there was also a lot of violence. GRAPHIC violence. now, maybe you're the kind of person that doesnt think seeing someone's face smashed in with the bottom of a wine bottle is graphic. well, kudos to you, you sick bastard. i am a watcher and lover of violence, but this? i was quite taken back by some of the goin's ons. QUITE.

in other news, i made a (HUGE) compromise and went and saw We Are Marshall with jess and my parents. it wasn't bad. in fact, i left feeling good, which is not something i experience often in the line of movies i watch. it's the kind of movie where you know what you're going to watch, but it was slightly better than that. they did a great job focusing on a specific period of time and a few characters and went from there. i recommend seeing it. not necessarily at the theater but sometime.

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Billy H. said...

I ended up watching a "making of" special on HBO about Pan's Labyrinth. I came away actually liking the movie a bit more than what I originally had.
Did you know the little girl in the movie speaks perfect english and the guy who played Pan the fawn is a white guy with blonde hair? He also played Abe Sapien in Hellboy. I'm starting to think the Spanish in Pan's was just for effect. ALSO, all of the gunfire and gunplay in the movie was cgi. That whole scene in the woods with the army vs. the rebels was 100 percent cgi except for the people in the scene. The guns shooting was not even real. No blanks or anything. Talk about some interesting but odd stuff....