27 February 2007

Billy and the Texas Cheesecake Depository

we went out saturday night to celebrate billy and jody's birthdays. it was fun. the Cheesecake factory was cool, but uber expensive. and time consuming? granted, it was saturday night, but this?? we went in at 7pm and came out at 11pm. there were 4 circles of waiting (which when combined took 2 hrs). now that's nutrageous.

this isn't a very flattering picture of alison, but she'll never see this so who cares? :) (plus billy looks so happy. look at him. so happy.)

i just thought this was a funny angle of billy.

and there were a bunch of mirrors around the booth so i had to mess with those.


jesse elizabeth hunter said...

How bout me, Josh? Was I there? Where's the proof if I was? ME ME ME...

Josh said...

easy there, scott, i mean, jesse. most of the pictures didn't turn out too great, so this is what i had to work with.