23 February 2007

Bus Driver and the Spinning LEDs of Deerhoof

last night we decided to go see Bus Driver open for Deerhoof at the Mercy Lounge. i thoroughly enjoyed Bus Driver. the music and bass was awesome. he was so energetic. it was a bit frightening standing in the 2nd row and the speakers just way overwhelmed jesse's little mic on her camera. he was just all over the place.

then Deerhoof came on and people started getting stupid. this may come as a surprise, but i hate stupid people. particularly loud stupid people. anyway, we stayed up front for a few songs until people started jumping around and dancing (in an already packed crowd). this isn't really so much a problem for me because i'm big and can push back, but lil' jess can't, so we headed to the back. it was a wise decision. it didn't look like the crowd calmed whatsoever and it was cooler and more spacious in the back.

the awesome thing was this...

a spinning propeller of LEDs that reacted to the music. it was awesome, and as you can, i had an enjoyable time taking pictures of it.

the videos are processing at the moment.


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