10 May 2007

And They Said It Couldn't Be Done

everyone made fun of me and questioned my intelligence quotient, but i pressed on. i knew it could be done. i knew i could... grill my hot pocket. BOOYAH. we just got a grille here at work and one of my coworkers has been grilling on it everyday. today was josh's day! the hot pocket was excellent. at least 15x better than a microwaved hot pocket. the outside was crispy (not brittle, crispy like a thin crust pizza. even those hard-to-get corners were perfect!) and the inside was nice and warm (completely unfrozen). it took about 5-8 min longer to cook than normal, but it was worth it. had it actually been a hot pocket i liked (this was chicken parmesan; good but not great) this could've been the greatest hot pocket ever.

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