07 May 2007

Any Given Sunday

this is Evelyn. i met her whilst i was out sunday.


Corey came to visit this weekend. we had a lot of fun. i've also lost my wallet, which is sort of fun. 2+2=? corey stole my wallet. i think. anyway, i went downtown sunday to take some pictures with the fisheye. it's tricky because you can't as easily visualize what the shot will look like like you can with a normal lens. you can stand in the same place and make the same shot look 50 different ways, thus leading to me walking around a lot with the camera to my face. i'm sure i looked local.

it was ella's birthday (today, but they celebrated it) sunday. the fisheye is so great for group shots. i love watching other people taking trying to get a shot and continually backing up till they get everything in, whereas i keep going closer and closer. kind of fun.

(it's funny how they lean in as if they were close to getting cut out.)

i've got more pictures to put up. more tomorrow i suppose.


Corey "the thief" Huckaby said...

Hey thanks for buying me that new computer, the Gucci purse, another ipod, and round for the whole bar...or should I thank your "lost" wallet.

Josh said...

chuckaby, you are going down.