21 April 2011

RAA & Lord Huron

Saw both of these guys at Hi-Dive last night. First off, I love the venue size of Hi-Dive. It's a perfect 200+ size. However, it's the worst layout I've ever seen. This is it (the blood looking stuff is people)...

So yeah, you come in and the stage is behind a wall right next to where you come in and there's like 10ft of gap between the wall that runs down the middle. So that gap get's way congested and you can't get anywhere. Other than that it's great.

So the bands... The first we saw was Lord Huron. I never hold my breath for opening acts, in general, but these guys were awesome. It was like Animal Collective meets Vampire Weekend. Really Fantastic stuff. I bought there record 15sec after their set was done. Check em out at bandcamp (which is one of my favorite sites for indie music nowadays).

And of course the main act was Rural Alberta Advantage which I was just ecstatic to see. And they didn't disappoint. At all. It was the perfect size show. Maybe around 100+ people, $12/ticket, nothing fancy, just rocknroll in a small room. Those are my favorites.

Frank, AB by theraa

I don't know what else to say. It was a phenomenal show. (I met the drummer and told him how awesome he is and then bought their first album on vinyl.) It was really the first live music I'd seen since going to Jamaica (not counting the larger Girl Talk show we saw last month). It definitely rekindled my love of seeing music made right in front of me.

(If you want to hear more of RAA, just say the word and I'll put it in your (e)mailbox. Seriously, any word, at all, and it'll be there.)

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