19 April 2011

Tuesday. Music.

Because some things just won't make a mixtape and because so much music comes out so often, it's time for some links.

I don't exactly know what all this Moombahton stuff is about (sorry, I got lazy there for a sec), but it's interesting. And this short EP reminds me of how crazy, off-the-wall cool Diplo's earlier stuff was (not that he doesn't put out good stuff now, it was just a newer style in the beginning). This is cool stuff.

(Get it at MadDecent.com (or directly here))

Then there's this mixtape by one of the guys who helped on Major Lazer's album GDKPLD. I browsed it and it seems pretty fun.

(More at MadDecent.com)

Then somehow I missed this Blaqstarr Mixtape whenever it came out. Good stuff.

Another one I think I'm going to enjoy is Com Truise: Free Here. It's 80s-synth-Baths type music. Pretty cool.

Oh man. And just when I thought the night couldn't get better I come across a Star Slinger Mix with an intro by Donald Glover. I'm loving everything this guy puts out. (Warning: Troy cusses!)

STAR SLINGER - FABRIC MIX - APRIL 2011 by Star Slinger

Good luck with the rest of your week.

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