31 October 2003

well, it's been a long day, but i had fun.

i was up at 7.5am due to Martos needing a good fumigation. so john, dave and i headed to mcdonalds for some early morning sajtburgers and cherry pies. delicious. you know, i hear a lot of people complain a lot about mcd's and how crappy the food is and whatnot, but personally, it's not that bad in my book. in fact, i don't consider bad at all. it's cheap and tasty and they break my large hungarian bills that most people avoid like the plague. i think maybe those haters should spend a but of time at white castle. that'd make 'em think twice. anyway, then we wandered around until i went to speak to the grade school. that was pretty fun. i was sort of nervous, but not really. except it was really hot in the room, so i was sweating a lot :). but that's just me. so i told them a little about myself and halloween in america and then asked me some questions. but not many (they were a little shy). and then i read them a humorous (to me) american quiz. and THEN, for the finale, they had a pumpkin (type object) for me to carve (because apparently they dont do that here). the only problem was that it was shaped like a gord or something. it wasn't round at all. and when i finally cut into the top of it, it was solid. "dang". so with my lightning fast eagle scout thinking, i flipped it on it's side and cut it in half to reveal the hollow lower half. sweet. so after a little hollowing-out, i carved a quick homage to scott, cut a makeshift top, and BAM. you got a hungarian pumpkin/gord.

and when i say quick, i mean quick. i must have done this thing in less than 10 min. that's a record (as far as i'm concerned). but i think the kids really liked it. they all stood around me as i worked my magic.

(and yes, my eyes are closed. wouldnt have happened if I'D taken the picture.)

and then there was an old baby grand piano on one of the floors of the school, so i played that for a while for some kid. he just walked up and sat next to the piano. funny. he spoke very little english. and then i talked to the teacher until my building opened back up.

good stuff (or as the french say "good material". weirdos)

OH YEAH. and the want me to come back monday to start helping with different teachers! how sweet is that? (i dont know, but i'm excited.)

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