04 December 2003

and that's the way the cookie crumbles...

okay, so the story behind my last entry is as follows:

i was working out yesterday (doing shoulder presses), when i hurt my neck/shoulder muscle. like, i really hurt it a lot. i tried to lay down and maybe sleep it off. but it was really painful because it's the muscle that you use to stabilize and lift you're head, so unless i was laying completely relaxed, it was wailing on me. i mean, almost bringing me to tears at times. so laying down didnt work so great. in fact, i think it may have made it tighten up. i have no freezer nor access to a freezer, so i dont have any ice or anything that could be of use. the best thing i could find was microwaving a wet towel. so after talking with my mom, i go to the non-stop store down the road (this store has helped me out many a time). i grab a bag of frozen peas for cooling comfort, the whisky (in hopes of dulling the pain until the morning when i could get to the doctor), and the bag of potato chips because i was hungry. (and the whisky was my grandmother's idea :) ) (yeah, and it helped a lot.) i got medicine today so i hope it starts doing it's thing fast.

so i happened upon katie givens blog. yeah, it's always weird when you first realize that people arent way you remember them to be.

i'm going to krakow tonight. it only takes 10hrs to get there, so that's cool. i've heard some bad stories about thieves and whatnot on the train ride to/from poland (specifically krakow). i have my knife with me, but i hope i dont have to stab anyone. that'd sort of put a damper on my trip i guess. hmmm. i'll be back sunday morning. we're gonna go see auschwitz (i KNOW thats spelled right) too. should be an interesting trip. and a cold one. possibly very cold.

have a good one.

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