17 December 2003

that's all she wrote

well i'm done today. i finished my film paper on HUKKLE, got it printed off and attended my last class (which was film class; we watched Sunshine; it was an awesome movie). yeah, it had Ralph Fiennes and other people in it. also, it was a Hungarian film. The thing with so many hungarian films (that ii've found) is that they're so depressing. they always have the unhappiest ending possible. and it's not that i can't see where it comes from. i mean, hungary has had one of the most oppressive pasts i know of, but that doesn't mean EVERY movie has to reflect that, does it? i mean, good things DO happen everynow and then. geez. but Sunshine rose above that and came out strong with an uplifting ending (not necessarily "happy", but uplifting). so i was more than happy to have sat through all 3 hrs of it.

so i'm sitting here contemplating what to do. i was going to go to the opera Don Giovanni but the guy with the tickets is too sick to make it out there to sign for the tickets. so that's canceled. and i told john i'd be back at 10.0, so now he's wandered off somewhere and left a note saying he wont be back till 10. great. dave it gone to visit Europe and franziska went over to someone's house. there's no one. and i'm hungry.

i guess it's time to get a gyros and watch one of the 20 movies i have taking up space on my hard drive.

so do you guys know that i haven't gotten a haircut or shaved since i left? i've trimmed the side of by beard, but not the goatie area. it' so long. the hairs have to be around 1.25" long. and my hair is longer than it's been in a LONG while. maybe since high school. i dunno. the hair is semi euro, but the beard ain't. actually, most people in europe are really clean cut looking. no one has any sort of facial hair, so i stick out like a sore thumb (particularly when i when my sandals nowadays; i definitely see people stare and say stuff to their friends; turds).

ah well. i hope all you dungheads enjoy LoTR III. did you know that hungary doesnt get it till Jan 8th (or 20th; i can't remember)??


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