13 December 2003

now THAT'S a thermal lake! (mostly)

we went over to the Lake Balaton area today. it's nice. then we took a bus over to a town called héviz. and that's where the thermal lake is. there's inside water and outside water and a big temperature difference between the two.

yeah, outside was . . . chilly. just kidding. it was FREEZING. there were some patches of water that were liquid ice. i don't know how, but they were. and you could go from the inside (where it was nice and warm) to the ouside through a little door in the water and the temperature change from in to out was like night and day. wow. so i jumped outside several times and swam as far as i could. that's brisk, baby. my biggest fear was that some giant mutated (and radioactive mind you) catfish was going to swim up from the depths and bite my legs off. but that didn't happen, so that's good. apparently there is a bit of radioactivity to the water. go figure. i felt kind of heavy in the water. that was . . . weird. AND it said somewhere that the water in the lake completely changes ever 36-48 hrs (or something around there). that's pretty amazing considering this lake is easily several acres in size. this is due to the large thermal vent at the bottom (about 100ft down).

so that was fun. but i'm really tired because i only got 3.5 hrs of sleep last night. and i have a lot of studying to do tomorrow. i hope i still know how. ah boy. this could be bad. it almost seems wrong for them to not require anything from us the whole semester and then try and make us take tests at the end. it just ain't right.

hasta pronto.

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