03 August 2005

welcome to hump day

a couple of things...

first, this is a picture jon or aaron sent me the other day. too funny. (and have you guys seen the new Family Guy movie?) (i say "guys" as though someone other than myself reads this.)

next, i dont know about anyone else, but this whole "moving on to the next phase of life" sort of sucks so far. i've realized why every likes school better than work. it's because school, while i believe, more difficult than work, is fun. that's it. you have to work harder, but everything is just more fun. work isnt fun. perhaps if i was working with people my age it would be, but i'm not. they're close, but not. anyway, i'm looking forward to getting past the wedding and moving and settling and whatnot, but at the moment i'm borderline depressed at times. now, i'm thrilled about marrying jesse and moving in with her and starting a new life with her. i know we're going to have a great time. but at the same time, i can't help but be really down about the life i'm "leaving". i miss everyone. i miss school. i miss being around people my age. i miss church, everyone from church, and worshipping with those people. i miss playing frisbee, swimming, raquetball, and walking 100yds to go workout. i miss exercising. i miss knoxville. and not that me going back to grad school or something would bring it all back, but part of me cant help but wish i could go back. however, the other part is ready to move on. maybe not to where i am now, but to where God hopefully wants me to be. i dont know where that is, but i'm excited to find out. i'm excited to find out what he has in store for jesse and i. we have so many ambitions and talents bestowed on us that i know we'll be used for something wonderful. but i miss my old life. i guess this how it always is when you change lifstyles. this is how it was for me leaving Hungary. i was happy to come home, but i wanted to stay so much and extend that amazing time i was having. but i knew it was futile because no one else would be staying. it wouldnt have been the same no matter how badly i wanted it to. and so here i am. "in limbo" as they say.

i was never a big fan of The Limbo.


jesse said...

it's probably because you're tall.

good entry. :*

Anonymous said...

It's not Peter Griffin


Josh said...

that's some fine detective work there, jeff.