25 August 2005

what to do, what to do

well, we found the kittens a good home. at least we think it was. they had kids and took both of them without much hesitation, so i think that was good. i was sad to see them go. they were such great animals. so good natured. i was really happy to see them take both cats. that made it easier. man, only had them a week and i felt like i was putting a kid up for adoption. sheesh.

i feel like i had a bunch to write about but i cant remember any of it and what i can remember i just dont care about anymore. like Bill Maher and whatnot. he's a doofus. but i'm too lazy to write any more.

been listening to some good music lately...

Public Enemy [Greatest Hits]
what classic hip-hop. so great (and pretty dang clean). it's just so much fun to listen to. i highly recommend it.

Ben Folds [Songs for Silverman]
man, Mr. Folds is amazing at piano. i mean, just incredible to listen to some of these songs. his cynical/uncouth lyrics always catch me offgaurd due to the sound of the music.

Willie Nelson [Countryman]
this is just a fun combination

Nickel Creek [Why Should the Fire Die]
awesome vocals. rather dark for bluegrass. still awesome.

Gorillaz [Demon Days]
good stuff. Gorillaz always have such low bass.

Death Cab for Cutie [Plans]
just started listening to this. seems good.

Bright Eyes [I'm Wide Awake Its Morning]
great lyrics. and rather unique music in general.

Sufjan Stevens [Illinois]
i've been listening to this for a while. it's just an amazing cd. 75min long! kudos to mr. stevens.

yeah there's a lot more.

oh! i won first place in a photography category (black & white special fx) in the Wilson County Fair for the picture below (it's my baby)(jesse, not the picture)...

i think we may go tonight. i'd like to see if any of my others did well at all.

okay i'm going home.


jesse said...

looks like i need some sleep (call me baggsies). eww.

Josh said...

keep your comments to yourself, baggsies!

(or just on my blog, as such.)