23 January 2006

the reviews are in

so i noticed that jess had rated some movies on her blog and todd had ...given his opinion about some current movies too, soooo i thought, "yeah. i could do that (particularly since i'm so smart)". annnnd also because we have this Netflix thing going now and i'm about to make my way through some serious movieage. so, yeah, stick 'em in your pipe and smoke as 'em as such... (scale is 1 to 10)

Wedding Crashers - 7.5
this was a hilarious movie. the combination of vaughn and wilson was really something. such opposites. i dont necessarily recommend watching it with the parents, but perhaps?

Hustle & Flow - 7.1
this was a pretty rough movie. good, but rough. i knew i liked it after watching it, however, after watching the making of it, i had a much better appreciation for it. i "liked" seeing the non-glorification of hip-hop and pimps.

The Constant Gardener - 8.8
jesse was right. this is spectacular movie. it really deals with some tough world subjects and it's rather uncomfortable accepting that some (most?) of this movie isn't far-fetched at all. in fact, i'm sure it's been happening. this is a must see.

The Baxter
- 6.7
this is a funny movie. i'm not sure if this is bad or not, but scott was definitely the first person i considered recommending this movie to. so scott, rent this movie. it's by those people that do the show Stella.

Crash - 9.2
i loved this movie. it reminded me a lot of Magnolia, which i really enjoyed. not enjoyed like "what a fun time!" but you know, enjoyed like "i really appreciate the people that put this together". it was a really interesting mix of stories on racism and how people percieve other people/themselves. one of the best films and stories i've been presented with in a long time. also, i'm becoming more and more impressed with ludacris' acting abilities. after a few minutes i totally forget that he's normally a rapper.


Underworld: Evolution - 4.5
while not the most amazing movie in the sense of "good cinema", it was rather enjoyable to watch on a saturday night where you just felt like kickin' back and watching some some heads get ripped off/exploded. plus kate beckinsale had some really great scenes in it. just some good quality scenes.


Lord of War


jesse said...

scenes which have nothing at all to do with her spandex leather outfit, hmm?
scott speedman also had a couple "good scenes." uhhuh.

Billy H. said...

Crash is the kind of movie that SHOULD win Best Picture instead Brokeback "Horrible Film" Mountain.

Josh said...

i thought Crash was such a good movie. after seeing it i'm really surprised i didnt hear anything about it at the Golden Globes.

Josh said...

you mean scott "i'm the only character in the movie that doesn't need to wear a shirt... ever" speedman?

jesse said...

quite right.

Billy H. said...

Im quite proud of my Return of Swamp Thing and Wrestlemania dvds from Netflix.

jesse said...

...also Billy-what are your plans for the AD3 finale?

Billy H. said...

I just realized I'll be in Denver during the finale! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Thank goodness for my dvr though, so I'll record it. Maybe if i'm not busy that night I will watch it in my hotel room.