26 May 2006

"I don't own emotion... I rent"

jess and i watched RENT this past weekend. i really wasn't that excited about seeing it, but in fact, it turned out to be rather enjoyable. i mean, there was the whole "AIDs AIDs AIDs" thing, but i suppose that is huge part of some people's lives. it's weird watching a musical. for me, i think i have to constantly remind myself that i'm not really watching a movie so much as a play. so i have to dispense all my normal movie/realism ideas. i do think it would be awesome if the real world was more like a musical; where everyone was wonderfully musical and could sing great and we all knew exactly what the words to chorus were and we communicated our thoughts and emotions through song. i think that would be fun. bizarre, but fun. although, you would probably be able to communicate emotions and feelings a lot faster through music.

anyway, i wasn't just shot in the rear by the music in the film... at least at first. but there was one theme that really caught my attention, so i decided to download the soundtrack. now, i'm not a huge fan of the cheesy 90s distortion guitar used a lot or the guy that looks like Bon Jovi (or his voice). in fact, i wasn't thrilled with a lot of the instruments used (they sounded synethized or something; i dont know). however, i am loving some of these themes (songs) in the play. seriously, they're awesome. i just keep listening to them over and over. i really enjoy Rosario Dawson's voice. it's just, very solid. actually, all of their voices are that way (i imagine you can't successfully sing dainty-like in a musical).

i suppose my favorite is the "no day but today" theme. if you haven't heard it and like people singing and music and stuff you really should check it out. (it's not all "525,600 minutes" in case you dont like that song.)

here's a fun picture i took the other day at my dad's birthday party.

on a different note... this is awesome. thanks to billy for calling this to my attention:

Arrested Development memorabilia

(i'm keeping my fingers crossed for the SOB's script!)


scott said...

hey i just watched RENT yesterday too...
sure was a lot more AIDS than i expected... what like HALF the people had aids?? sheesh... i was really rooting for the nerdy-looking guy the whole time- he didnt get any smoochin!- reminded me of me! woot

Josh said...

yeah, it interesting when i go back and listen to the music and the lyrics, i understand the story and what the characters were going through better. it was easy to miss during the movie, so it's helpful to go back. plus some of the music is awesome. SOME.

Josh said...

yeah, there were a lot of AIDsees in it.

Corey said...

I have loved Rent for a long time - even though I sometimes feel like lesser of a Christian for loving the music becasue of it's content. I think the writer died of AIDS on the opening night of the play? It's definatly focused on a specfic segment of our society...anyway I'm just saying I'm a big fan.

jesse said...

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RENT is pretty interesting.

i really enjoy modern musicals. the players did a great job.
we sang 'seasons of love' at girls state...see, i'm talented. the most even.

Josh said...

i tell you, i am having a love affair with this Rent music. seriously though, if you guys havent been listening to it, you need to. now. some of it is spectacular.

scott, x-men 3 on thursday?