02 May 2006

our little furry bird pods

these little feather covered pods with beaks have recently developed in our dead hanging plant over the last month or so. they seem to be looking less ugly each day, so that's good. we were worried that perhaps Dudley had maimed their mom, but as it turns out, no, he did not. which is also good because i didnt really feel like having to deal with a bunch of little dead birds in a week. so in conclusion, all is well with the fuzzy pods. with beaks.

aww. they think the camera is their mom.

and now, from what little knowledge i have of tiny bird pods, it appears he's demanding that the camera feed him. (i just couldnt bring myself to tell him the bad news.)

on a side note, it was quite ominous looking outside on my way in to work.


Corey said...

I have baby birds at work too...they look exactly the same. Funny how something so kind of ugly is cute!

Josh said...

yeah, they were a lot uglier a few days ago. i actually wasnt sure if they were alive. they were just purple hairy pods. yuck.