14 September 2006

Autostitch: It's a kick in the photographical pants

these are all photographs i put together for a brochure my company is putting out in the next month. i went out (because i dont have a wide angle lens) and took a ton of pictures of each site/building. then with the help of Photoshop CS2 and Autostitch, i was able to create all of the following. these all range anywhere from 10 to 28 pictures a piece.

here is the preliminary brochure.


scott said...

so wait- you have a program that takes a bunch of pictures of one thing/things and it puts them together to make one big cool picture... thats really sweet... i would have thought something like that would be hard for a computer to do well-- but they look awesome...

Josh said...

yep. go here.

the program is only 1mb and you dont even have to install it. it's a very powerful tool.