11 September 2006

i posted.

here are some more pictures. i kind of went picture crazy these last couple weeks. it happens. that first one is a combination of about 15 pictures "autostitched" together and then equalized and whatnot. it's one of many i've been doing for a brochure we're putting together for my company. looks pretty sweet. i hope the brochure comes out well.

(this was the giraffe i got to pet on friday. he was nice.)

(this is a lorikeet. i didn't pet him. but a bunch of his friends almost flew into me multiple times.)

(this is not a terd. it's a "4 nut." i didn't know if anyone had ever gotten one of these. seemed pretty special to me.)

(this was taken with a 15" shutter speed on Massman Dr. over I-40)

i went on a men's retreat this weekend. it was really great. so seldom (nowadays) do you get to spend a full weekend joking around and learning and getting to really know people. it was definitely time well spent. (and i climbed that thing) (i did take the "easy" route, however).

and i put some videos up.


Anonymous said...


-not scott

Josh said...

and what?

scott said...

(thats what jesse commented on my blog when i went to the zoo last year)


so i figured it was appropriate...

Josh said...

you did say "jesse" right? does this LOOK like JESSE'S blog? huh? does it!?

highly inappropriate, scott. highly.

scott said...

you're right man... i was way out of line...