26 September 2006

our underwater anniversary extravaganza

(we're not in extreme pain here, just trying to smile big.)

well, it was partly underwater. but i suppose for the most part, it was not. either way, we had a great time. we needed more time, but it was still good fun. jesse wrote about it better than i will, so go here for her take. my role will be to display the pictures of interest (to me) (although i do enjoy the one of me sitting on the floor in IKEA).

i came across this underwater camera (non-disposable, mind you) in one of the stores down there. it was actually the only one in town, so we felt lucky to have gotten one at all after the apparent mexico beach underwater camera rush of '06.

this portion of beach was obviously not used by humans very much because the fish were everywhere. it was a little scary at times because there were so many of them everywhere. i think i saw a sting ray and i'm pretty sure i kicked a crab. this little guy below wouldn't leave me alone. so i took a picture of him... with my UNDERWATER CAMERA!

(now, this is a pretty simple camera, focus free, no zoom, so as you can see these fish are right up in there. course, i think those are tiny fish, so they arent so bad.)

(jesse took this one. she did a good job.)

(i took this through the tunnel in our castle wall)

(this one turned out pretty much just like i wanted, except my hair looks stupid from the goggles.)

it was some mighty clear water. however, on the 2nd day it was a bit darker outside so i could only see about 5' in front of me under water. this scared me. had something come out of the watery shadows, i would've crapped myself. so i did less underwatering that day and more sand castling.

i do recommend mexico beach though. it was a very relaxing place.


jesse said...

good posting, hus.bo.

and aren't those starfish glasses gorgeous?!

Josh said...

yes indeedy. (too bad they worked about as well as wearing your normal glasses underwater.)

Scott said...

i listened to the song- and i dig it-

my name is scott burka... and i approve this message...

Josh said...

i'm a bit surprised you didnt wait a month or 2 till someone else told you about the song and then you'd write a blog entry about this awesome song you just found/ aryan just showed you/ something like that.

i'm just kidding, you're great. (i'm not kidding though.)