04 October 2006

Tunstall and what have you

this isnt a very favorable picture of me, but jess looks good in it.

we went to see KT Tunstall monday night. she was great. i didn't much care for City Hall, but the concert was good. the area around City Hall, however, was really nice looking. they're doing a great job. it's going to look good. ...i just dont even feel like writing. i did yesterday, but not anymore. i dont write anymore. i just put up pictures. what's that all about? i'm like, super absorbed in taking pictures and video nowadays. i dont even know what i'd write about. my daily life doesn't inspire much to write about (at least in the department that i think you'd be interested in reading about). i guess on the other hand i see things and the possible pictures of said things and that interests me pretty much all the time.

i guess i'll write when i feel like it. in the mean time, whatever.

the sun is getting lazier and lazier. it's barely up by 7am. i do enjoy being up for the sunrise. at about 7:15 or so, it shines through the windows at the Y and into the pool. it looks awesome. i think i'm gonna take my underwater camera up there. i wonder if they'd frown on that...

speaking of the Y, what is it that happens to a man around the age of 40 or 45 that makes him think walking around and brushing his teeth and talking, all while naked, is okay? is a towel that constricting? so much that you just can't bear to wear it for 5 min? and for that fact, where is their underwear?? is it more embarrasing to walk around in your underwear?? come on! this is what i deal with everyday and i just dont get it.

this is just too funny a video. i guess it's an Indian interpretation of MJ's Thriller.


toddman4000 said...

i wonder if the violent pelvic thrust will ever catch on in the states... i hope so.

Josh said...

why dont you tell me!

(i just did a couple thrusts.)

(this isn't working like i thought.)


Josh said...

i think the only thing that really let me down in the "homage dept" was the girl. i just felt like i didn't feel her fear.