30 October 2006

it took me 3 days to compose this post (lousy work always getting in the way)

i got a haircut the other day. i like it, i'm just not sure if it's me or not. i dont know. check it out and let me know what you think.

jess got one too. she needed it badly. i think it compliments her sunglasses.

(this was the view out our back window at work the other day. it was pretty cool.)

we went to see Tilly & the Wall saturday night. the band that was to play before them got lost so Tilly went on early and we missed the first 3 songs. so that was dissapointing. the show was great though. they sounded fantastic. and i think we decided we like the exit/in. we'd never been there before. i like it. i like the setup (with tables and bar and whatnot). i can't wait to see Regina Spektor there.

look at their little tap dance platforms. i wonder if they have mics under them. for those of you who dont know them, tapdancing is their only percussion (for the most part).

this is from the other day. if my memory serves me correctly, it was a classic staredown for champion of the universe. as you can see, the competition was intense.

obviously, too intense for todd. as he looks off in shame, i continue my ever-piercing glare as if it wasn't even a competition in my mind; as if was for real; as if it were part of my life, part of who i am... and the way i roll. anyway, i think alison is cheering for me while looking upon todd; too embarassed to come to grips with what just took place.

just another day as josh.

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