23 October 2006

i drove from Nashville to Memphis and back on one tank of gas.

what did you do?

indeed, i've never driven 427mi on one tank of gas (14.67gal) (29mpg). this was especially impressive since i was averaging 90mph both ways in my V6 '91 Maxima. how did i do it? i dont know. i didn't have the AC running and the road from here to Memphis is relatively flat, but still, i'm thoroughly impressed. and it was rather exciting to see just how far it'd go before i had to refill.

it's a shame i didn't see this on an earlier leg of the trip. i could've been 100oz. happier for $2.

i drove down there ahead of scott and waited for him at the show. the show being Okkervil River. and memphis was the closest they were coming. i really expected there to be a ton more people, but actually the crowd was quite small (compared to what i had imagined). that just meant better seats for us. i meant some nice people from IL & KY while i was waiting outside. i hope to see them again at future shows in nashville.

i think i've developed a good strategy for ..."remembering" performances. because i dont want to look as though i'm obviously recording parts, i hold the camera up for 30sec or so like i'm taking a few pictures and then kind of lower it to my chest like i'm resting, but still plan on taking more pictures in a sec. all the while recording. and since i have a really good idea of what my camera is seeing even when i'm not looking through it, this technique works really well. ...it's almost too easy.

for further proof that my technique works, please, observe and enjoy my "videos." (i feel like that doesnt need quotes.)

(i didn't say my technique was

also, this is pretty crazy. i especially like the top gun music in the background.

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