05 October 2006

Josh's List of Cool: Because You Don't Know Any Better

might as well start this thing off now since everybody keeps telling me to do so. i mean, if everybody wants it, what can i do?


1. Music:

The Killers
- Sam's Town - i wasn't too crazy about it when i heard them on SNL, but after going through the CD a few times, i'm starting to dig it. he has an unusual voice that gets stuck in my head... in a good way, i think.

The Decemberists - The Crane Wife - it's different, i won't lie. and honestly, i havent gotten too far into it. however, if history has anything to say about the Decemberists, it's that they haven't let me down yet. so i have a feeling this needs more ...probing.

I'm From Barcelona
- Let me Introduce My Friends - now, this one i have listened to a lot and totally enjoy it. i think todd(?) showed jesse the video and then me or something. i dont know, but at the time i thought it was a joke. not so. while i don't think this album is lyrically brilliant by any means, i think there's more to the words than initially meets the ear. the songs are all really playful and juvenile sounding but there's just something about them that gives me the feeling there's something a bit deeper there. and that's enough to keep me on it.

- The Information - haven't listened to this too much yet. it's a bit dark and much slower paced than Guero. you might have to be the judge on this one.

2. Movies
honestly, i've been a little out of the movies field for a month or so. perhaps some of you one trick ponies out there could recommend something. in the mean time, here's the last good movie i saw.

Akeelah and the Bee - just a very uplifting movie. nobody dies or is sexually abused or anything like that to show the "realism" of life. just a... a good movie.

movies i can't wait to see: The Departed, The Prestige, Babel, and Borat.

3. Food

Cheesburger Lean Pockets - these things taste awesome. they even have ketchup in them!

4. TV

- man, if you aren't in on LOST yet, you better get there, cause this is going to be one sweet ass season. after last night's season premiere i'm thrilled to see where they take us. it was a great season premiere. i dont think they could've opened the whole thing up any better. now, if i could just get my copy of season 2 that i ordered 2.5 weeks ago i'd be set. oh, and if you missed the "catchup" episode or, heaven forbid, last night's premiere, you can watch them on abc.com for free. and they're really good quality (practically commercial free too)!

Grey's Anatomy - i dont know what it is about this show. when it's over, i just feel emotionally "clean". i dont even know what that means, but it's weird. i mean, people die all the time and stuff happens, but it's just told so well. i'm sure this will be a great season; it's one of those that just doesn't let you down.

Possible good ones (that i've seen): , Heroes, and What About Brian. I hear Studio 60 is good too. it's hard for us to get involved in more than 2-3 shows. we actually try and limit to that many simply because we dont have 1-2 hrs for TV every night. (i think billy could probably provided a better synopsis of the tv shows out than i.)

Not Cool

1. DCI
2. Scott
3. Stuff Scott Likes
4. People Scott Like
5. People who like Scott
6. Food Scott Eats
7. Music Scott listens to (that i have not recommended)
8. Movies Scott watches (see # 7 for clause)
9. Anything Scott touches or looks at
10. Ticketmaster
11. Grey's Anatomy - despite the fact that i love this show, thanks to scott, it now falls in the "not cool" category. i think scott may have brought this show to my attention and in order to not contradict myself, i had to move it down here. i'm sorry everyone. i guess there's always somebody who has to ruin a good thing for everybody.

well, i guess that about wraps it up for this week. on an unrelated note, i was stung 8 times by bees yesterday. that hurt a lot. seriously. however, i can now fully endorse AfterBite Xtra. it worked quite well. stupid bees costing me $4... and the whole pain thing. i didn't like that either.


scott said...

i totally agree with everyhing in that blog except where you placed the word "not"... if you just cut and paste that one little word from the bottom list of 10 items and place it before the "Cool" at the top of the 4-item list... i think you'll have put together a very comprehensive and informative list...

scott said...

and who told you to watch Grey's anatomy? and where are his e-props? of if you'd prefer you can send them to
255 montgomery st
Memphis, TN, 38104

i'll make sure he gets them...

Josh said...

looks like i'm going to have to make a few changes so i don't contradict myself...

scott said...

pretty quick on the draw there... mr... quick post... mcdraw... man...

Josh said...

yes. yes i am.

scott said...

but not as quick as me...

Josh said...

explain... doublestuff.

Josh said...

course, now that you deleted your repeat comment my doublestuff comment makes no sense. thanks. thanks a lot.

scott said...

i just got the Angels and Airwaves CD as well as a Newfound Glory CD, so you can add those to the not cool list....!

Josh said...

what the crap is angels and airwaves?

scott said...


got google?

its basically the band that Tom DeLonge put together when Blink 182 split...
their website is pretty cool, several videos and stuff.. i was a pretty big blink 182 fan so its a natural step for me, its a lot darker and stuff... one of their songs is the intro music for the show "two a days" on MTV...

Josh said...

what the crap is Blink 182?

Hayley said...

Grey's Anatomy RULES.

Scott sucks... even if he is #3 on my MySpace list.

Josh said...

what the CRAP is a MySpace list??