22 March 2007

kiss kiss bang bang

we just watched this movie last night. jon murphy recommended it to me and now i'm doing you the favor of passing that recommendation on to you with an upgraded "highly recommend." it was hilarious. robert downey jr and val kilmer are just fantastic in it. i was particularly impressed with val kilmer. both have such great timing.

this was segment from the film that just caught me so off guard i had to rewind it. it might not make sense to you if you havent seen it, but who cares. they're so sarcastic with each other and this is just such an over the top sarcastic improv (improv in the movie, not in actuality) moment, i had to share it. (Harry is RD jr. and Gay Perry is Kilmer. he's gay and his name is Perry. brilliant.)

Harry: That girl tonight, man, I'm tellin' you, she had this... quality, like... like the girl in high school, you know the one you could never have? The one that still haunts you?
Gay Perry: I had that. Bobby Mills.
Harry: You should, um, track him down. I got five bucks says you could still get him.
Gay Perry: That's funny. I got a ten says, "Pass the pepper." And a couple quarters that do harmony on "Moonlight in Vermont."
Harry: Huh?
Gay Perry: Talking money.
Harry: Talking monkey?
Gay Perry: Yes, a talking monkey. Ugly sucker. Traveled here from the future, only says "ficus."

amazing. just very impressive writing.


Billy H. said...

I think I told you about this movie a while back. It's great.

Josh said...

i doubt it, billy. you dont seem to know much about movies.

Billy H. said...

Hollywood Video opened some kiosks in the mall that sell previously viewed movies. They have really good movies for 4,6, and 10 bucks. I of course get a discount because of my illustrious position. I got Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang for $3.88. I also go Little Miss Sunshine for $8.33. Score two for Billy!

They do have some really good movies for sale. They had The Departed for 10(8.33 for me). You should go by and see if there's any movies you want me to get for you.

jesse elizabeth hunter said...

You should blog again, stud. Otherwise, I'll just stop checking!