02 March 2007

well, this has certainly been an enjoyable day

first off, the clouds outside were exquisite. i love a good cloud day. (and the sky just got more awesome, so i'll be posting some more.) second, our boss took us out to mexican and i had chicken nachos (covered in liquid cheese) and they were excellent. then we celebrated march birthdays with ice cream and cake. cha-ching.

the next topic is HDR photography. i'm just starting to dabble with this, but i find it rather interesting. i wont go into how it's done, but it's basically combining multiple exposures to visualize the entire visible spectrum.

notice how the range of color and light span the whole picture? and you can make it look more or less real than that, but it gives you the idea. here are the others i tried with it.

(did you find the little plane?)

look how cool the car looks. i'm going to try that out more. this process produces a bit of noise, but, yeah, i dont know. (and the clouds aren't clear because they were moving very fast and i did this the multiple picture way.)

this is funny. i never knew how to do this, but it's so incredibly easy (with the right tools of course). if you have photoshop and want to try this just let me know and i'll explain it in 2 steps.

here are a few more. the first 2 are more HDR and the last are just messed with in photoshop.


jesse elizabeth hunter said...

that next to last one's a-maz-ing.

scott said...

lookin good there, J-fed...

Josh said...

thanks, s-tat.

you're not coming in the weekend are you?