13 March 2007

spectacular spectacular!

talk about another fantastic weekend. this one was just thoroughly enjoyable. jon and aaron came into town thursday night for a Predators game and then then stayed through sunday morning. friday i took the day off and we all went to see the Shins play at the Ryman Auditorium. it was incredible. they sounded awesome. it would've been perfect had it not been for these guys:

they stood the entire time. they were the only people on our side of the balcony that stood which in turn caused everyone to have to stand the entire time. not the worst thing in the world (it certainly didnt ruin the show) and maybe "douchebags" is strong, but it's just the total lack of thought for anyone else that gets me, not the standing itself. here's some video (i didn't video much because i didn't want to get banned this early in life):

then on saturday we went Frolfing! such a great day for it. steven reed came into town and the 5 of us went for a round. team josh-brian-steven beat team jon-aaron by 2! and it was good.

then we came back and played guitar and Wii at our apartment. and it was great. and then we went to Mazatlan for food and margaritas. and that too was great. it was an odd mixture of friends so i'm glad it went so well. thanks to everybody for coming and blending so well with each other. i had a fantastic time.

(i had my eyes closed because in my experience they try and put whip cream everywhere on your face.)

and then to finish things out we went and saw 300. not the most complicated movie in the world, but a really fun film to watch. it looked beautiful. and i see that todd DIDN'T care much for it because of the lack of "reality." to this i say, "todd, you ignorant slut." no not really, i agree with there not being hardly any reality to it (they didnt eat/sleep/poop) but i thought that made it cool. i thought it was awesome how all they did was fight. it made them seem more like superheroes or something. i liked it. and i really feel like i need to workout now. a lot.


jesse elizabeth hunter said...

that next-to-last one is so perfect--look at the one in the back laughing. this picture brings me much joy.

scott said...

saw 300 last night and i totally loved it- it was like a mix between "Hero" (jet li), Gladiator, and Braveheart...

Billy H. said...

We had two girls right in front of us decide to stand at the Billy Joel concert, which forced some of us to stand. I hate people that do that crap!