24 April 2008


(People show Wii-intensity in many different ways.)

I went to the dePaula's last night for Jenn's birthday. It was fun. We played Wii, poker (not me because I dislike cards so much), and ate cake and chicken tenders. I also got Cara to walk around with the external flash and point it places while i took pictures. A good time was had by all... except for the Wii noobs who broke several things.

I like the dePaulas. They have a good movie collection. I think I could talk to Marcus about movies or music or something else for a extended periods of time.

Below is the ever so helpful, Cara and her somewhat difficult to catch on camera husband, Dave. They're great.

(Apparently, this is "poker.")

(What the Wii sees.)

OH! Marcus is notorious for giving inane greeting cards, so I tried to repay the favor with this beauty (sorry Jenn)...



Anywho, thanks for the cake and sandwiches, guys.


jesse elizabeth hunter said...

more pictures. i need more wii-ctures!

dave d said...

Item! i like that every picture of my wife depicts her with a newly poured beverage. How lovely...
Item! Looking at your pictures, i wonder if i am becoming your "party waldo". Which is similiar, i suppose, to the Mendoza Principle.

Josh said...

well she is a slow drinker, thus she appears to drink a lot in photographs, but really, it's the same 6oz drink throughout the photo gallery.

you were a bit of a waldo at the last party, so i wanted to get a real one of you this time.