03 April 2008

Firefox 3

The final beta version of firefox is out! It definitely seems to be running faster than 2. Give it a shot.

Firefox 3 (Beta 5)

Also, there some contest on a photography blog I check out and to enter I just put a link to their site on my blog, so, booyah...

This Week in Photography


scott said...

thanks for the firefox link- I'm running it now- seems cool. Feels faster- but I'm not sure if it's because I'm expecting it to be or not- really no way to tell at this point I suppose

Jon said...

Perhaps I am wrong, but isn't 'final beta' and oxymoron? Doesn't 'beta' refer to a demo or prototype?

i'm sleepy

Josh said...

dude, you are out of your element.

now, quiet you.