04 April 2008

The Shelby Bottoms Bridge

Shelby Bottoms

Hopefully these will make up for my crap-ly previous attempt.

And the saddest picture of the day? This... on the new bridge.

Jesse claimed that mound fair and square.

I think I forgot to mention that I did get Tripod in. I was a bit worried about it's size and weight at first, but after a few hrs of use I'm loving it. The ballhead is incredible. I'll post some pictures of my own soon.


jesse elizabeth hunter said...

Just then, I claimed the whole bridge and greenway as mine (ours). That spike covers a lot of ground! Look how greedy I look. I want it ALL.

dave d. said...

In 1st grade we acted out the 3 Billy Goats Gruff... i was the troll under the bridge. I think my performance would have benefited from this source material. The headlamp is very nice.

Josh said...

haha. indeed. she's quite inspirational.

Anonymous said...

Jesse looks like one of those gnomes from Lord of the Rings, you know, the tunneling kind... except cuter. :)