17 July 2008

We Are Here

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So this is where Jess and I will be for a while (I have the actual address but not on me). We're in the mountains. More specifically I believe we're in a valley. Needless to say, we're going to be rural. Big time. I think we're excited about it. It will be cooler up there, but I'm anticipating not having internet for... well, I can't imagine there's internet up there. Not sure about there. So go ahead and expect to not see us online for two weeks. We'll be up there for the next two weeks and then we come back here to our current dorms. I'm nervous and super excited.

The bottom line is that there's no reason to doubt this any more than we've doubted anything else. God's got it under control. So maybe we won't have internet, things could be worse. We've got electricity and water (possibly running?). I'm no more excited or nervous than I would be if they told me I was going to the beach. (Well, maybe a touch more :) )

So anyway, you might not see us on here much for a couple weeks. But we'll be back... for a week. Our phones should work though. You can dial it just like a long distance number (i.e. there's no country code).

Josh: 1 (876) 368-6685
Jesse: 1 (876) 368-6579


jesse elizabeth hunter said...

I'm more convinced that Josh that we're going someplace great. You should google "Port Antonio, Jamaica" because it's the closest tourist destination near us. How perfect is it that we will live quite close to the Rio Grande River?

I feel more relief and calm now about this than I have in a year. Yay!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you guys in the rural areas. I'm sure it'll be alot cooler and much safer than the cities. Sounds like God is leading you two in a great direction. Dont' question it, He's got the master plan......

Ryan Lovelace

Anonymous said...

The Rio Grande in your backyard...how cool is that? Time to get a couple inner-tubes for off-hours. Heck, maybe you could whittle a canoe. It's great to hear you two are doing well.
Godspeed guys. SEL

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you genuinely enjoying home. you make our island look beautiful. and the people...i'm trying to find a word other than amazing, but its not coming.