03 July 2008

We're Here

...And I'm more than slightly overwhelmed. we got up at 4 this morning and headed out to the airport. Honestly, it's like going to college again and I'm the noob. (I HATE being the noob!)

But seriously, it's very pretty here. We don't have AC, hot water, or running water from 8pm to 5am, but we have wi-fi outside our dorm. So I'm sitting out in the grass checking my email. Go figure.

And I haven't stopped sweating yet. I hope my body adjusts. Otherwise, I'm in for a long 2yrs.

Happy 4th.


Josh Bush said...

I'm glad you guys made it over there safely. Good luck!

crashmattb said...

Good to hear you guys made it there just fine. I guess the water & A/C thing will take some getting used to, but at least you have Wi-Fi, woohoo!! Best wishes as you guys adjust to your new lives down there. Keep us posted. Later!

Anonymous said...

Everyday I look into the eyes of THE HOFF and I know...that you Josh will come back with the same buff tan body he has.(had) Glad yous made it there safe n sound. Remember, if you feed the two-legged animals, they come back to your door just like the ones with four legs. Godspeed my friend. SEL

Josh said...

all too true, steve. thanks for checking on me.

Bryan said...

Your body will adjust- it just takes time. I consider myself to be an extremely hot natured person. I grew up in a house that was 65-68 degrees for the entire summer. But this summer I have been making an effort to conserve more energy since my house is about 100 years old and loses cool air like a sieve (its like I can see the $$ seeping out into the outside air). I was skeptical at first that I could live without constant A/C, but after about a month I am able to be reasonably comfortable up to about 80 degrees (assuming I'm not doing any strenuous activity). Of course, I still have to have cool air to sleep, so I can't help you there.

It also depends on the humidity.... how is the humidity there?

Josh said...

ha. the humidity?

it rocks my face off.