30 June 2008

We’re Off

I’m writing this from the airport so it probably will be posted later. We just sat down to wait for our flight. I haven’t sat down with no intention of doing anything in a good week or two. It’s lovely.

This week has been rough. So rough, in fact, cursing seems appropriate in it’s description… but I’ll save that for a later date. Essentially, I made a sizeable mistake working that last week and thinking one week would be enough to sort out all our stuff and pack in a leisurely fashion. We’ve been burning the candle at every end possible trying get our crap together, over to our parents, over to storage, out to sell, out to give away and into our suitcases. And if you know anything about us Hunters, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that we were up till 4:30am last night packing/arranging. Last minute: It’s what we do. (In fairness to Jess, she’s still sort of stuck in her “trying to pack early” Taylor ways.) And then back up at 8:30am. It’s been a lot like that all week. We’re exhausted… and relieved to know we’re just going to Florida today (we need the decompression time).

Saturday started off the worst, I think. I was already tired and grumpy and the first thing I have to do when I woke up was get in the car and take Dudley (our first born… cat) to his new home. It tore me up. I was basically getting dressed and brushing my teeth and crying all at the same time. That was when the first realization that we’re leaving everyone kicked in and it sucked. I know Dudley will be great where he is, but it killed me to drop him off. It was a bit easier leaving Maeby since we just left her in my room at my parent’s house. (she’ll be moving to Scott’s sometime this week).

We’re on the plane now. I feel good. I’ve got Girl Talk blasting on the 80gig and all my toys in Timbuk2 messenger bag. I may retract this later, but at the moment, I really feel as prepared for this as possible. There are a million unknowns, but God’s got those, so all I chose to worry about were the little things (computer, camera, bags, shoes, etc.) I wear myself out worrying about those dumb things, but at least I can get somewhere thinking about them. I can’t get anywhere thinking about the big things. Anyway, I really do feel prepared. We basically started planning for this 9mo ago(?) and just gradually made our way through the “to get” list. Then when it came to packing, we basically just went through our big box of supplies and divvied them up.

I’m watching Teen Wolf Too now. If you want a nice slice of the 80s, I recommend you give it a viewing. The plot is simple and straightforward and there are countless montages. And it stars Jason Bateman.

That's the Orlando Airport at left. Okay I really shouldn’t drag blog entries out over more than 24hrs. I appear to lose my “focus.” Anywho… more soon.


crashmattb said...

Not fair, you take cool photos of random everyday stuff like a messenger bag and plane wing. And I hear you on the "last-minute packing" (well, sort of...does a 4-day trip compare???). Anyways, best wishes on the remaining traveling left until you two reach your Jamaican destination. Peace out!

Josh said...

ha. those are my favorite (making the ordinary look interesting).

yeah, i like to spend more time PREpacking than actual packing.

we're off to Miami tomorrow and then to Kingston thursday. never been to Miami. can't wait.

Bryan said...

Best of luck with everything from Oksana and me. Sorry I haven't had a chance to touch base with you recently, it's been hectic at work and home.

All that packing sounds like a recurring nightmare to me. Since 2000, I have moved all my stuff exactly 13 times (to college, home for summer, to college, home for summer, to college, to new dorm after leaving seminary, to own apartment, to Nashville apartment, to Sister's, to parents', to new Nashville apartment, and to Parsippany). Granted for the early ones, I had much less stuff. Anyway, I know how you feel about packing (and doing so at the last minute)

Josh said...

thank bryan. i know what you mean. i worked up till one week before we left. i feel like i havent sat down in a while.

and yeah, moving blows. only this time, i had a time limit on when i had to unpack. that REALLY blows.

good to hear from you though. thanks.