19 June 2008

The New GIRL TALK Album is Out!

Feed the Animals

Technically, it's a free download! It's just like Radiohead's In Rainbows was; you pay what you want.

- $5 or more gets you the album in MP3 or FLAC + a seamless mix of the whole thing.
- $10 or more gets you that plus the physical CD when it comes out.

I started to buy the CD but I realized I wouldn't get it for 2yrs (cause of the whole "going to Jamaica" thing) so I gave $7.

Get on it! (Listen to it on his Myspace page.)

(Click here for the song listings and breakdown of each.)

UPDATE 1: Just started the first listen through and I'm immediately smiling.

UPDATE 2: Just finished the first listen. What an album. It does not disappoint. This is definitely the most refined album of his to date. As smooth as Night Ripper was Feed the Animals probably blends songs and lyrics even better. It seems to be more of a middle ground between Night Ripper's changing every 5-10sec and Unstoppable's sticking with several riffs for the entire song. As a whole, it feels like it takes its time more than Night Ripper did. He hangs on to tunes a bit longer in Feed the Animals letting you really get the most of the combination but at the same time changing before you even think about getting bored with it. The lyric/song combinations are as seamless as ever.

Once again, no music puts as big a smile on my face as a Girl Talk album. Well done, Gregg.

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Billy H. said...

Great breakdown on the wikipedia page! Definitely a great listen especially the more you listen to it. I think I've listened to it 3 times today.