07 July 2005


...now you're speakin my language!

man. me and billy and jordan and hg had a sweet time blowing up tons of stuff with fireworks the other day. they had those mortar shell ones that blast up out of tube and then blow up in the sky for so cheap. i bought $67 worth of stuff (=$112 normally).

anyway, we pretty much put those mortars everywhere we could to see how powerful they were. my conclusion: they are plenty powerful. it's safe to say it would blow your hand off if it detonated there. luckily each one has about 1.5ft fuse on it. man, but we put em everywhere: buried them in dirt, put them in a cardboard tube (to blow up the tube), shot them into trees, shot them from a handheld tube, and last but not least, detonated them underwater in a bucket. this was the icing on the cake. truly. i rubberbanded it to a dirt clod (so it would sink), lit the fuse and let it drop. the initial blast off made the bucket jump straight up at least a foot in the air. then the actual explosion shot water and flares everywhere within a 30ft radius. the first one cracked the bucket and blew the handle off it. fortunately, billy was there to "film" the whole thing on his phone. it's a bit dark and hard to tell whats going on, but when the video starts you're looking at the bucket from about 30-40ft away. (you probably will have to watch it a couple to times to fully appreciate it.

so please... watch.

video one

video two

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