11 July 2005

Google Earth

Google Earth is truly one of the most remarkable programs i've ever seen (and it's FREE). it's really unbelievable. the ease and indepthness of it is just incredible. it provides satellite images of anywhere on earth. with that you can display places to eat/sleep, street name, county/state/country lines, actual 3D topography, driving direction to anywhere, and more (i've just started looking at it). if you have a decently fast computer (and fast internet) i HIGHLY recommend trying out the free version. you wont regret it.

anyone recognize this?

(you can actually zoom in a little more)



jesse said...

Looks like UT...although I never realized how far away the UC was from the stadium. hmm.

s-wheat map!


Brittany said...

That's cool, Josh!! I will def. try it!! Go vols. Miss you guys. How's everything coming along?

Josh said...

hey how'd you find me?

things are going. i'm working and jess is planning :)

how are you?

i miss everyone from church a lot.

toddman4000 said...

new delhi.

toddman4000 said...

also, "visually retarded"