18 July 2005


okay first off, if you havent listened to music by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

you really have to. i just got their cd the other day and it's just great music. do it.

second, this is just really impressive. it's a keyboard were every key has it's own independent display. it's wicked awesome.

third, jess and i drove to atlanta this weekend to attend/videotape bryan and oksana's off the wall wedding (just kidding it was great). seriously though it was very interesting. and rather pretty. i taped it. for 55 min. with no tripod. sheesh. after about 30 min into it i engaged one of my film techniques i refer to as "shaky-cam". the name pretty much says it all. anywho, it was a fun trip.

i won a cd (the Cloud Room) from woxy.com in a contest the other day. i was 1/25 people to win (out of 1300 who entered). "i've never won anything in my life!" seriously, i dont think i have.

woxy.com forever.

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