21 July 2005

so jesse and i watched The Machinist the other day. it was pretty creepy. i cant believe Chrisian Bale lost that much weight. i think he actually weighed 120lbs in the movie. as you can see, he looks pretty terrible...

we've watched a couple of movies recently. Lemony Snicket's was pretty good. it was a bit sad (and a bit disturbing at times). sort of an unusual child's movie.

that Wikipedia (not sure where the name comes from) is a pretty awesome resource. it's got a better movie description page than IMDb. and you can look up random things apparently. The Big Lebowski has it 281 times (although it says at the bottom that it and variants of it occurred 398 times)! incredible! what a marvelous resource!

speaking of resources, i've just gone through a paradigm shift this morning (in like 5 min! pretty impressive, eh?) i'll no longer use Mapquest.com or any other subpar direction finding source. from now on it's Google Maps for me. it's so much better than the rest. and i think it's been around for a while. not sure why it took me so long. it's biggest pro is that it's got a far better and much more interactive map than mapquest (i've always hated mapquest's maps). it's a lot faster to use too. so... i highly recommend the Google Maps.

look how far i have to drive to work!

should we be concerned with Google's ginormous expansion into everything?


John K. said...

I like the looks of Google's maps, but I prefer the superior controls of Yahoo's. Google's control bar is too far out of the way and clunky.

Josh said...

uh. just what the crap do you think you're doing on my blog?

this is MINE! not yours!