23 October 2007

MJ Alumni Band & More

this weekend was a pretty fun little reunion for the mt juliet high school band. some people didnt play, but i did. i feel confident saying i was potentially the loudest horn there. potentially. nathan and dale and wayne and... others played too. it was fun. afterwards we went out for drinks. i think mr cox had fun too. he seemed to smile a bit more than usual.

on saturday (pretty much the most perfect day of the year thus far), jess and i went downtown to Hatch Show Print and American Apparel. both were enjoyable, but i'd like to take the tour at HSP.

this is what the fisheye does in the city. pretty fun...

this is a building of ours that's almost done. you can see the batman building reflection in it. the sun is actually behind it, but it's reflecting off the bellsouth tower onto it. i thought it was cool.

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