14 October 2007

The Scholeses

first off, congratulations to the Scholeses. it was lovely and we all wish you the very best.

unfortunately, i don't have much time to mess with writing because i used it on pictures, however, we had a really great time this weekend up in knoxville seeing scholes get married. we played LOTS of frisbee and took lots of pictures. a good time was had by all. here are just a few from our time. (that one above is the only one where scholes wasn't blinking.)

this is maui. she's slightly less cartoon-character-like in person. slightly.

well obviously this needs no explanation...

this is when scott started crying because he got his thumb stuck in his eye.

at the good ol' elder burkas residence.

ya'll come back, ya hear?


jesse elizabeth hunter said...

I meant that you should put the picture of me taking the picture and then the picture that was taken by me...I think that's Todd's camera I'm using. We need to get the one I took and match it with the one of me. But those two are fine as well. :P

Josh said...

well sure, that would've been great, but i couldn't find that picture. that makes sense that it's on todd's camera because i looked all over for it and couldn't find it.

jesse elizabeth hunter said...

Mkay, thanks. Good lightings, husband.

Josh said...