08 October 2007

So Much... People OR How the Burka's Gots Girlfriends Now

okay, recap time. we went to memphis last week and visited with scott and his girlfriend, abbie (or "scabbie" as i like to call them). it was nice to get out of town and just eat junk food and sit around. and visit. we did that too. here are a few thousand words worth of pictures...

(sorry you're a little blurry scott, but it's a good one of abbie)

we ate at some bahama mama place. it was well decorated. it was nice to meet and visit with abbie. she was very nice. (i love jesse's face in the 2nd picture.)

the magnificent BBQ nachos...

these are funny. for some reason abbie is just cracking up back there. maybe cause scott's in the back windshield.

look at little puss n' boots here! holy crap, she's adorable.

and here's the lizzy hug. i think she's just holding on for dear life in fear that you'll drop her, but i LIKE to think of it as she's hugging me.

(i blacked out jesse's eyes cause they were mid blink and it just seemed better this way ;) )

THEN, fast forward to THIS weekend. we finally met the mau-ster. she was a lot bigger in person. big like, i thought she was a smaller human, so that was funny. she was cool and seemed too good for todd (way to go todd!). also, it was low light so i didnt get a great picture of them.

oh and maui brought her little stella dog that was very interesting to maeby. too funny.

i've come to learn that even those that consider themselves "unphotogenic" are in fact, photogenic, given the right timing and circumstances. you just have to have to know when to press the button and capture that split second... and helps when they're used to you carrying around a camera 24/7.


jesse elizabeth hunter said...

It helps that the eyes are in focus and the teeth aren't!

Holy boys with girlfriends, Josho! Our brothers are growing up.

jesse elizabeth hunter said...

Scott should PAY you for that sweet one of he and Abbie. Nice one!

Josh said...

ha. yeah. i should change the title to "burka girlfriends."

yeah i just wish scott wasn't as blurry. it was tough lighting. great of abbie though.

huh. scabbie.

jesse elizabeth hunter said...

This blog was actually worth 1000+ words. well done.

You took more of me at church though, didn't you? Could you send them to me, so I can post about our crazee-hospitality helping?