26 October 2007

Naked Green Junk & Pomegranate Tea!

these are 2 beverages that i've really been enjoying lately. the first is Pomegranate Tea (they have several different flavors). a) it's delicious b) it comes in a sweet glass jar you can use afterwards as a cup at home and c) it comes with a lid that pops on and off! delicious stuff. you have to try it.

the second is that that Naked Superfood you see in the background. Corey got this the other day when she was up here and it seemed weird at the time, but they are super good. there's a pound of fruit in every bottle. it's basically a fruit smoothie made entirely of fruit. it's got some awesome stuff in it. the green one looks disgusting, but tastes fantastic. i highly recommend this one too (and they make these in a bunch of different fruit combos).


jesse elizabeth hunter said...

Mmm-fruit sludge.

Alison said...

You should try the Naked Blue Machine...delicious

Josh said...

oh i've tried it. they're all really tasty. i just think the green one is my favorite. i finish them and i'm like "i just drank a pound of fruit. that's awesome."