27 December 2007


let it not be said that i NEVER conformed. (there was so much hesitation even when i was unwrapping and opening it!)

as many of you know, i don't like conforming. i've always preferred Casio over Texas Instruments, Lowe Alpine (or anything) over (the) North Face, and Rice Milk over Soy Milk; i've just always enjoyed spending more time and choosing the best product over the popular product. i didn't WANT to get an ipod (you have to know this by now), but after all the research i could stand, it's what stood out as what i was looking for; massive storage, efficient controls, best battery life possible. this isn't to say there aren't better mp3 players out there. i'm not saying that. a lot of others have some really neat features (bluetooth, wi-fi, fm receiver, bigger screens, etc) that the ipod doesn't, unfortunately, those are features i did not see as useful as those i mentioned before, so i went for.

and actually, this was a christmas present from my mom. bless her heart, she originally got this and called me to see if was still "interested" in getting one and i said, "well, i'm not sure. i should look into it" (not knowing, of course, that she'd already purchased it). so she took it back and did her own research and got me a Samsung P2 (which is sort of the first "touch" mp3 player before the ipod touch). it was really cool and had a beautiful 3" screen on it, but only went up to 8gb, so her and jordan went out yesterday and returned the samsungs (he got one too) and got the ipods.

having said all that, i'm more and more amazed every year at how much my parents absolutely spoil me (us). they are really something else.


Josh Bush said...

I have to agree. I held out as long as I could on the iPod, but I finally caved in with an iPod video. The only competitor when I was looking was the 1st gen Zune and the iPod won hands down. I haven't looked back.

I can only recommend that you immediately order an iSkin brand silicone jacket. I've had my iPod in one of these since day 1 and it still looks brand new. The silicone grips have kept me from knocking it onto the floor on more than one occasion. The fit is excellent and it's one of the few that I found with a clickwheel cover (You can't tell it's on there, seriously).


Josh said...

can you get those anywhere but online? which one did you get? i was looking at the evo3 or evo4.

Josh Bush said...

I have the evo3 that I got from newegg.com. Unfortunately, it looks like they don't carry one for your iPod classic and they only ones that have for mine (5th generation) is red and blue(yuck). Ashley's nano has the visor like the evo4 and it's a pretty neat design.

I think if it were me I would get the evo4 based on the looks. Both of them have the silicone jacket.

scott said...

sometimes the best product and the most popular product are the same thing- and this is probably a great example of that.

and on another note-

you really need to look into using iTunes for your music stuff- its just so easy for sorting and finding your music quick- especially when you have a ton of it like i know you do- i guess you won't really have much of a choice now- but let me just say that when i made the transition from winamp to iTunes- i was able to enjoy a lot more of my music- easier- if you have any questions about the whole copyright thing- i can let you know- its really pretty simple... i'd say about 90% of what i have in my itunes library is from Ares- you only really run into problems when you try plugging your iPod into a DIFFERENT computer- other than that- its all good- trust me- i've owned a few iPods

ALSO- iPod accessories are SERIOUSLY about 80% cheaper when you buy them through Ebay vs. Apple- buying a car charger for $25 with an apple logo vs. one for $5 that doesn't but does the same thing... you see where i'm going...

Billy H. said...

I'm really shocked to be honest with you. I thought for sure you would get the Zune. Either way, I think you'll be happy with an ipod. Don't worry, I'm not going to say anything witty about Apple. I do think the new Zune is cool. I do agree with everything Scott said above.

I really like the case I have for my ipod.
This is the case I have. It looks especially good on the black ipod. Any case will do though as long as it looks like it can take a licking and still protect your ipod. If there was one thing I could change about the ipods, it would be to change whatever plastic material they use on the outside. Even wiping dust off the screen with your finger will scratch that material.