04 December 2007

Saturday's Sunset

...was awesome. we got to my office just as it was going down, so i grabbed my new lens and took a few. (all of these are 5 exposures combined (that's why the clouds are a little blurry (cause they move))).

i showed these to one of my bosses who always give me crap about using the fisheye (i have no idea why) and his reponse? "nice 'air-brush' technique." i think i'm never going to show him a picture again. i'd rather him pretend he never got the picture than give sarcasm as a response (that's what he's always done with the fisheye shots). yeah, that pissed me off.

i've decided there's not much to do with the Gateway Bridge after dark. it's not very well lit, so i'm think it might be constrained to sunRISE shots.

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