05 December 2007

My 100th Photo on Flickr!

100: I Need More Sleep

(i wrote a little about it on it's page.)

ALSO: i just got an email telling me someone has bought a photo of mine on ImageKind! how awesome is that?? they bought this one...

Downtown from Shelby St.

man, that's cool.


jesse elizabeth hunter said...

Interesting how it looks so green in our room. Is that because of your shirt or just the light, other? I have so much trouble in low-light. Maybe I should sign up for a tutorial...know anyone good?

Josh said...

that's actually in our bathroom and i think part of the green is from the white balance i was using in there with that funky pure white light and the rest of the green is from the Lomo plugin (it pushes all the colors toward green).

silly, low-light doesnt matter to someone with a brand new external flash on their camera! i bounced it off the wall next to me (i'm facing the toilet).

jesse elizabeth hunter said...

Why come your tongue has a heart in it?

Josh said...