11 December 2007

Tuesday Bluesday

i wont bother recounting our Dewey Cox weekend since billy more than covered it.

(needless to say, there was an abundance of "cox" jokes. all night.)

jess and i came up on this yesterday. it was an extremely busy pole. even for that part of town.

no wide angle lens is without it's distortions...

this was playing around with the new external flash the other day. my favorite part is how i managed to get nothing in focus.

hope everyone got our christmas card (who was supposed to ;) ). i'll post it soon.

okay this just in. iPod vs. Zune. what do you think? the new Zune seems considerably better than the first. i was going to get an iPod before next July and mom was just asking me about one and i was like "well, actually, i need to look into that." so i did. (seems like the Zune is less of a jerk about restricting the sharing of music. is that right?)


Zune (video)

i even customized one...

so far i'm leaning towards Zune. your thoughts?


Billy H. said...

I will admit, the 2nd gen Zune is better than the first one, but I'm too much of an Apple loyalist now to give into the Dark side, er..I mean Microsoft.

Josh said...

well, that makes sense for you; you're neck in apple, but i've got approximately 0 ties to apple, so the zune is looking a lot better than before.

scott said...

i haven't had any problem "sharing" music with my ipod- the only catch is that you can't plug it up to another machine and download the music from your ipod to the new computer- you can only register the ipod itself to one computer at a time-
but in terms of the actual music... its really easy to just burn an MP3 cd (even with itues- which can convert everything to mp3s very easily- ) and share your music that way... and there is absolutely no problem with getting/"sharing" music from Ares...

jesse elizabeth hunter said...

It seems to really boil down to your preference, Apple or Microsoft. I have to tell you, I like what Apple has done, but the Gates Foundation has a secure place in my heart. If we're getting a laptop PC, then it doesn't make sense to me to stray from that. Let's try Zune. We can go Mac when I start grad school. ;)

Josh said...

that's kind of what i'm thinking. i mean, i dont use itunes, so it doesnt matter if it works with itunes or not. i'm thinking the zune.

toddman4000 said...

note: a heart for philanthropy is not necessary to purchase technology.

and thank you for the impartial zunescene review.. heres one from cnet http://reviews.cnet.com/mp3-players/zune-second-generation-80gb/4505-6490_7-32638989.html?tag=tpr

you and your casio calculator. thats what this is about. theres nothing wrong with a TI. you know, you ought to get a zune. it seems appropriate.

in watching the cnet video, i think its actually a pretty neat idea. wireless.. double you tee ef.