30 November 2005

definitions of interest

ponce: British : PIMP; also usually disparaging : a male homosexual

(i had just wondered for a while. this isn't relevant to anything.)

dudley is not a ponce

so after i assisted in helping everyone get last friday off, i was excited about the 4 day weekend. it was a pain to get that extra day though. sheesh. my company values a work a bit too much at times. when everyone else in the world is off and you arent, i dont know, it seems like you shouldn't have to choose between family and work at times like that. but everything worked out great.

we went and saw harry potter on the IMAX last monday. it was an awesome movie.

let's see, our first major holiday married went pretty well. we got to visit both our families (mine probably more, but i had my aunt and uncle in town whom i really like hanging out with (i think jess didnt mind too much)). obviously, the worst part for everyone was the feeling of this impending doom looming overheard because we just dont know what's going to happen with my parents. other than that though everything was great. we (some of us) got up and out the mall at 6 to hit some deals. i got a couple 1 GB flash drives for $20 and some 10 mile walkie talkies for $15. it was crowded though. i dont know why i ever even go into Best Buy. what a nightmare.

we got a washer and dryer the other day. i dont know if i mentioned that. it's a nice comfort. and for $175, it was totally worth it. it takes a lot of the "school" feel out of living (the bad part of school).

smug: highly self-satisfied; see DUDLEY

we got hit by a drunk driver (for the first time in my life) sunday morning about 1.0 am. we were just about to exit off 40W onto Briley Parkway when i saw the guy coming up on us real fast. i knew he wasnt going to be able to stop. so he ended up hitting the driver's side rear bumper and swerving back onto the interstate. so as i slammed on the brakes, i looked up in amazement as he drove off. well, i wasn't "okay" with that. so i threw it (the civic) in reverse, backed up onto the interstate, and pedal to the floor. it was a wierd feeling. it was like, i didn't care about anything except cathing up to this guy. and we did. i was flashing the lights and honking the horn and everything, but he just seemed totally oblivious to it. and i totally didnt even think he was drunk. i figured he was either handicapped or foreign or something. so i followed him until he finally pulled over... onto a 3 foot shoulder! idiot! i thought we were going to get killed trying to pull over onto this shoulder so i finally pulled around him (he still didnt seem to understand what was going on only furthering my thought that he was retarded) and got him to follow us to the nearest exit, which happened to be 212 Hermitage Ave (a very shady exit). but we found some street lights and pulled under those and waited for the cops. i was pretty nervoous when we finally pulled over. i didnt know if this guy was going to be violent, if he had a knife, gun, what. but i had been praying (and i know jess had too) so that (and my frustration and confusion and anger) overode my fear. it took me almost a minute to realize that he wasn't mentally handicapped but was in fact drunk. after that realization i felt better about the possibility of fighting. so i pretty much stalled him for 10 min while we waited for the cop to arrive (note: this is 20 min faster than the UT police ...on the UT campus!) drunk people tend to repeat themselves a lot when you just nod and say "yeah" a lot. he kept saying how "really, you guys got over and hit me!" and i was like, "yeah..." once the police arrived it didnt take him long to figure out he was drunk and arrest him. the cop was really nice. he was around my age i think. he was like, "how'd you get down here?" (after i told him where the accident had occured). "i followed him," i said with a hint of smugness. i think he smiled at that.

then we went home and slept. all things considered, this went as well as it could've. when you think about how badly it really could've gone it makes you really appreciate and see the things in life that truly are important. and it's kind of wierd because not many things in life are actually important at all. really, it seems to come down to your relationships. with God. with family and friends. in all honesty, what else matters?

see you next week.

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