02 November 2005

the new 'stang

my dad got a new car this weekend. a brand new Mustang GT (2005 or 2006; i cant remember). and it is incredible. 300hp - 0 to 60 in 5.2 sec. it is a blast. you can probably hit almost 50 mph in 1st gear. as you can see, it's bright yellow and a convertible. the best convertible i've ever sat in. really comfortable and and an awesome exhaust sound. theres just something spectacular about driving around in a car that you know can take off like nothing you've ever seen at the drop of a hat. man, when you hit the gas, it responds. fast. your insides just shift to the back of your body. oh and talk about adrenaline rush.

(i think he needs to get some black stripes put on it.)

and you can change the LEDs behind the gauges to many different colors.


jesse said...

dang...too bad he didn't spring for the mini cooper (sportcabrio). oh well. he did the best he could.

Josh said...

too bad? phhhh. the 'stang craps terds bigger than a mini cooper.

jesse said...

you've heard it here first kids: whoever craps the biggest "tErds" wins.